Guitar Performance – Stage 3, Advanced 7


At Stage 3 Advanced 7 in Guitar Performance Learners will be able to perform pieces to a backing track. New styles will be introduced to further develop advanced techniques, including faster tempi, complex musical structures, increasing changes of time signatures and advanced techniques. They will show extended development of material and considerable solo application. Learners will be able to read and play advanced rhythmic phrases. They will demonstrate in depth musical knowledge of the performance pieces through linked responses. This will be expected to include instrumental demonstrations of instrumental techniques as well as showing knowledge of solo techniques used in the performance pieces. They will continue to show stage presence through confidence and stamina in their performance.


Let ring, Double stops, Hammer On, Pull off, Slides, Bends, Vibrato, Octaves, Palm Muting, Muted strokes, Trills, Arpeggiated strokes, Grace notes, Artificial harmonics, Pinch harmonics

Musical Signs and Dynamics

Ties, Accents, Staccato, Crescendo, Decrescendo


Advanced solo sections requiring more complex phrasing


Advanced including: Eighth note triplets, Quarter note triplets, Shuffle eighth, Sextuplets

Time signatures

Time changes within piece


80 – 150bpm

Amp Settings

Overdrive/ Distortion, Volume balance, Clean toggle with overdrive/ distortion pedal, Modulation pedal, Wah or booster pedal, Tone emphasis

Piece format

Repeats – 1st and 2nd ending, Repeat bars between repeat signs, including D.S al coda and D.S al Fine

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Wall Of Oz - Sample Track


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