Drums Performance – Stage 3, Advanced 8


At Stage 3 Advanced 8 in Drums Performance, learners will be able to perform considerably complex pieces to a backing track with stylistic conviction. New styles will contain advanced techniques, including faster tempi, complex musical structures, increasing changes of time signatures and advanced rudiments. They will show extended development of material and considerable solo application as well as being able to read and play advanced rhythmic passages. They will demonstrate in-depth musical knowledge of the performance pieces through linked responses.  This will be expected to include instrumental demonstrations of techniques as well as showing knowledge of solo and improvisation construction used in the performance pieces. They will continue to show stage presence through confidence and stamina in their performance.

Notation Marking



Advanced rhythmic ideas with the inclusion of drags and taps

Time signatures

4/4, 3/4, 6/8, 5/4, 7/8


80 – 140 bpm

Piece format

Including D.S al Coda and D.S al Fine, time changes within the piece


Up to 32 bars


Minimum of 8 bars

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Tom Cat - Sample Track


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