Drums Performance – Stage 2, Intermediate 4


At Stage 2 Intermediate 4 in Drums Performance, learners will be able to perform pieces to a backing track that are longer than Stage 1 Foundation 3. Styles will be further developed to develop techniques including faster tempi. They will also begin to show more development of material through extended phrases and the beginnings of solo application. Learners will be able to read and play more complex rhythmic phrases. They will continue to demonstrate theoretical knowledge of the performance pieces by showing and describing musical terms and directions and where and how they are used. This will include instrumental demonstrations of techniques as well as showing knowledge of solo and improvisation used in the performance pieces. They will continue to show stage presence through the use of appropriate body language and awareness of an audience in their performance, through the maintaining of focus and confidence.


Notation Marking



Simple 16th note fills

Time signatures

4/4, 3/4, 6/8


80 – 130 bpm

Piece format

Including D.S. al Coda


4 bars


4 bars

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Part Timer - Sample Track


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