Drums Performance – Stage 1, Foundation 3


At Stage 1 Foundation 3 in Drums Performance, learners will be able to perform pieces to a backing track that are longer than Foundation 2.  Styles will be further developed to show fundamental techniques that will require 4-way coordination. They will also begin to show simple development of material through short phrases. Rhythms will be further developed to include simple syncopation. They will continue to demonstrate theoretical knowledge of the performance pieces by showing musical terms and directions and where and how they are used. This will be extended to include simple instrumental techniques. In addition, they will also show stage presence through the addition of appropriate body language and awareness of an audience in their performance, through the ability of maintaining focus and confidence.


Pop Funk and Indie Rock

Drum Voices

Kick, Snare, Open & closed hi-hat, Half-opened hi-hat, Toms, Crash cymbal and Ride Cymbal


Single stroke, Double stroke, Single paradiddle, Flam, Eighth note flam tap and Quarter note drag


80 – 120 bpm

Piece format

Repeats – First and second time


Simple development

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Sweatshop - Sample Track


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