AOR Exams


The AOR Exams provides a great platform for all you aspiring performers to put your skills to the test. 

We have worked very hard to develop this assessment to be as engaging and accessible as possible, giving you the opportunity to perform your favourite pieces and explore new styles and techniques that will help build your confidence as a performer. 

Our exam caters to students of all learning abilities and needs, offering everyone an opportunity to hone in on their valuable stagecraft.

Stages And Titles

There are nine exams in total, from beginner to advanced. We have grouped them into three stages, which we call Stage 1, 2 and 3

Stage 1 contains the earlier exams, with the very first one called Initial.

We have then grouped the next three under the title of Foundation, naming them Foundation 1, 2 and 3.

Following that, we have Stage 2, where the next two exams are called Intermediate 4 and 5.

Finally, Stage 3 consists of the higher exams which have been termed as Advanced 6, 7 and 8.


Performance Pieces

Across the board, you will perform four pieces. Two are original compositions written by our leading music educators that include all the relevant technical and musical skills required of that exam. The other two pieces are songs of your own choice, which must adhere to the respective exam guides that will assist you in picking an appropriate song that can be assessed. 

You may perform the four pieces in any order.

Performance Questions

The second component of the exam gives you the chance to talk about parts of the songs you just played. For the beginner exams (up to Foundation 3), you get to choose the topics. Intermediate exams do not allow you to pick the topics, but we do give you examples of the sort of answers we are looking for. Lastly, Advanced exams will have you explain in more depth about a specific section of the piece, encouraging greater musical awareness and refining your attention to detail when it comes to your playing. Again, we will provide you with some examples of what we are looking for so you don’t have to worry!

Performance from Memory

Instead of performance questions, we also offer the option to perform one of the four pieces from memory. You can choose any song of the four you are playing, so it can be one of your favorites. The great thing is, you don’t have to play it twice. We’ll mark it when you play the four songs!

Stage Presence

Stage presence is an integral aspect of any good performance. As a performer, you are expected to display a strong sense of confidence and concentration when you’re on stage. Our exams are designed in a progressive manner, such that the earlier stages only require you to maintain your focus and have a basic awareness of your audience. As the exams increase in difficulty, you will have to further display the appropriate body language and eye contact that apply to your selected pieces. By the end, you’ll be right at home on the stage!

Click below to download the syllabus and we’ll see you on our stage soon!

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