Frequently Asked Questions

Exam Information

Complete our online registration form and make payment at any AOR’s Branch by the closing date

AOR exam music and scoresheets is copyrighted and must be purchased from our official website. Click here for the link.

The price of an exam depending on which exam the candidate is taking. Please view the exam fees here

The exams takes place twice a year. Please visit this page for exams and registration dates

No. We do our best to always offer candidates the most convenient date, time and location for the exams. Candidates can help us by providing us the dates of when they are unavailable on the exam registration form

Exams are held at our registered exam centre. Please note that this includes school days, weekends and school holidays during the exam periods

AOR will give a 14 days notice before an exam

  • Candidates must inform AOR of any date(s) when they are unavailable when they fill in the registration form. Under extenuating circumstances, we will try to alter the date but this cannot be guaranteed
  • Any changes to an exam date or time after it has been scheduled: within 10 days, there will be no charge
  • After 10 days there will be a charge of SGD $60.00
  • Deferring an exam to the next period, on producing a medical certificate will incur an additional cost of half the original exam fee.

Exams take place at our registered exam centres. 

Candidates should complete the special considerations form detailing their requirements and AOR will contact them to discuss any arrangements for the exam. 

During The Exam

Candidates should bring the following to the exam:

  • Appointment slip
  • ID (NRIC/Passport No.)
  • Instrument e.g guitar
  • Music for compulsory pieces – proof of Purchase ID
  • Music for own choice pieces – original or proof of website purchase
  • Instrument accessories e.g drum pedal, drum sticks, plectrums, quarter-inch cable
  • Backing tracks for Own Choice Pieces in mp3 format

Yes, candidates must bring the music scores as proof of purchase

  • The centre will provide the standard equipment for the exam e.g amplifiers and drum kit. Guitar candidates can bring their own instruments, quarter-inch cables. However, candidates are recommended to bring spare guitar strings.
  • Drum candidates should bring their own drum sticks. However, spare drum sticks are available in the exam room. For advanced drummers can bring their personal cymbals and snare drums, but not the entire kit. 
  • Yes, the candidate must perform all the performance pieces with the backing tracks
  • The candidate will be required to produce an email notification of their Purchase ID exam materials

The candidate must contact AOR as soon as possible. Any necessary rescheduling due to medical reasons can only be arranged upon proof of medical certificate.

After The Exam

  • The candidate will receive notification of the provisional result within 21 days. This will be sent by email unless another form of contact has been arranged with AOR.
  • The candidate will receive a detailed report form showing marks for individual areas of their performance
  • Successful candidates will receive a certificate from City and Guilds London
  • This will generally be delivered within 4 weeks

Yes. Replacement certificates cost SGD60 each and will be marked with “Replacement Certificate”

  • Certificates will have their names spelt as it is on the registration form. If an error is made by AOR or City & Guilds London, it will be replaced at no additional cost
  • If the registration form is found to be incorrect, there will be a cost incurred of SGD60 to replace the certificate

Candidate can refer to the full details of the AOR exam appeals policy here

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Welcome to the AOR Exams. A practical, performance-based exam that includes technical aspects within the pieces. We hope you enjoy these exams and that they help you on your musical journey.


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